A home invasion thriller with a bloody twist, “The Goldsmith” offers plenty of violent fun as three burglars learn that crime can be a deadly career. Childhood friends and now adult criminals, Stefano, Roberto and Arianna concoct a simple plan: break into an elderly couple’s home and find the valuables in the old man’s hidden jewelry workshop. But not this night and not this house, as the doddering couple (Giuseppe Fregni and Stefania “Suspiria” Casini prove not as helpless as they may seem for underneath those wrinkles are two totally fucked up killers. The thieves soon become victims as they are locked in a soundproof room and become the experimental guinea pigs for this deranged couple. What begins as a seemingly normal crime thriller soon morphs into a blood and eye sockets horror romp in Vincenzo Ricchiuto debut feature.
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